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How Can Your Elderly Loved One Strengthen Their Bones?

Elder Care Richmond TX - How Can Your Elderly Loved One Strengthen Their Bones?

Your elderly loved one has a lot of changes that they will go through. They might experience new or worsening health conditions. One of the things that your elderly loved one might need to think about is how they are going to strengthen their bones. There are many senior citizens who suffer from painful osteoporosis. Whether your loved one has this condition or they just need to keep their body strong, here are some tips for helping them to strengthen their bones.

Getting Enough Calcium

Your elderly loved one needs to get enough calcium. This is going to help their bones stay strong. They can get more calcium in their diet by eating cheese, yogurt, milk, leafy greens, or broccoli. Your elderly loved one will have numerous other benefits if they are getting enough calcium, as well.

Getting More Leafy Greens

If your elderly loved one eats more dark leafy greens, this is going to add more calcium, potassium, and vitamin K into their diet. Vitamin K is beneficial for regulating their calcium levels and for keeping the bones healthy. Your elderly loved one can get more dark leafy greens in their diet by eating more brussel sprouts, kale, and broccoli. Getting even 1 serving of dark leafy greens a day can help to keep bones strong.

Getting Outdoors

It is important that your elderly loved one gets outdoors more often. Being in the sunshine can help to strengthen the bones. It can also help to improve your loved one’s mood and provide them with the vitamin D that their body needs. Vitamin D is going to help their body absorb the calcium properly. If your elderly loved one can’t get outdoors often or at all, their doctor might prescribe them supplements to ensure they are getting what is needed to keep their bones strong.

Regular Exercise

Your elderly loved one should be exercising regularly. This is going to not only strengthen their bones but help to reduce bone loss, as well. In addition, regular exercise can help improve your loved one’s coordination and balance, reducing the chances that they will break a bone from a fall.

These are some of the ways that your elderly loved one can strengthen their bones. If they aren’t sure how much of a certain vitamin, mineral, or nutrient they need or how much they should be exercising, have them talk to their doctor as soon as possible. You or their elder care providers can encourage them to follow these tips to improve the strength of their bones.


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