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Four Tips for When Life and Caregiving Feel Out of Control

Elderly Care Pearland TX - Four Tips for When Life and Caregiving Feel Out of Control

When you’re a caregiver, things can go swimmingly for a while and then suddenly things are too much. If that’s something that you’re facing more and more often, you may need to look into bigger solutions, like bringing in more help to ensure that you’re able to get your senior what she needs.

Make Sure You’re Taking Breaks

Nothing makes you feel more out of control than not having time for you. If you’re not taking breaks on a regular basis, you’re going to need to rethink that. There are small breaks throughout the day, like taking time to sit down and eat a real meal, and there are bigger breaks. Bigger breaks may require some extra help. Elderly care providers can stay with your senior and ensure that she’s safe while you take respite time.

Pause Before Reacting

Something else that can help is to take a beat before you react to what’s happening around you. Consciously taking a few seconds to pause before sharing your reaction can give you a chance to react the way you want to react instead of reacting in a way that you’ll feel bad for later on. Lots of times those short reactions aren’t accurate, they’re more how you’re reacting when you’re spread thin.

Use a Brain Dump to Keep Yourself from Forgetting Things

As life starts to feel more wobbly, it’s really easy to let things fall by the wayside. Brain dumps are really easy to do. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Sit down and just start writing whatever pops into your head. You might come up with tasks that need to be completed, errands you need to run, items you have to pick up, or anything else that your brain throws at you. Write it all down. Don’t worry about the order or other details. You can put your list in better order later.

Use Timers to Help You Avoid Zoning Out

If you find that it’s difficult to avoid zoning out when life starts getting more complicated, timers and alarms can be a huge help for you. They can help you to keep track of time and they can also help you to keep track of how long certain tasks take. Sometimes things sound overwhelming until you realize how long it takes to actually perform that task. For instance, emptying the dishwasher can feel like a big task until you time it and realize that it probably takes well under five minutes to do.

The best solutions are ones that can help you when things calm down again, too. The key isn’t to make your life more difficult in the process.

Excerpt: Life as a caregiver can feel out of control pretty quickly. If you’re juggling a lot, you might find yourself overwhelmed a lot more often.

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