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Help Your Parents Dodge the Viruses Their Grandkids Have by Using These Tips

Home Care Services Sugar Land TX - Help Your Parents Dodge the Viruses Their Grandkids Have by Using These Tips

Your parents love seeing their grandkids. The problem in any situation like this is that children who attend school or daycare are exposed to all kinds of viruses. As you age, your immune system doesn’t work the same as it did when you were young. That cold, flu, or another virus could become dangerous to your parents.  You don’t want to keep your parents from ever seeing their grandkids, but you have to weigh their health too.

You can use these tips to help your parents remain healthier.

Wash Hands Often

Make sure your parents wash their hands regularly. They want to scrub with soap for at least 30 seconds and use water as warm as they can tolerate. They shouldn’t eat or drink anything without having first washed their hands.

Keep Kids Away When They’re at the Worst Stages

Try to keep the grandkids at home in the worst stages. If the child has a fever, is sneezing or coughing constantly, or has a nose that keeps running, it’s best to keep them home until those symptoms diminish. If it’s not possible, try to keep them contained to one room and away from your parents.

Sterilize Everything

Make sure that items the grandkids touch are cleaned with a bleach and water solution. Germ-killing wipes also work. This includes things like the TV remote, doorknobs, toys, books, toilet handles, and sink knobs.

Provide Foods That Help the Immune System

Foods rich in antioxidants help the immune system. If your parents are with grandkids who are sick, serve soups with lemon, ginger, garlic, and leafy greens. Serve berry smoothies made with natural cranberry juice.

Serve Plenty of Water

You also want to make sure that everyone is drinking plenty of water. It helps keep mucus loose, which can help with congestion.

If your parents do develop a cold, flu, strep throat, or another virus, call a doctor for advice. Something like strep throat needs to be seen and treated. With other viruses, you may be told just to keep your parents comfortable and watch for warning signs like difficulty breathing or high fever.

At this point, home care services becomes helpful. A caregiver can tend to things around the home while your parents rest. Home care services providers can make sure they have plenty to drink and eat. The caregiver can keep track of when the last dose of a decongestant or pain/fever reliever was taken. Talk to our home care services advisor to make arrangements.

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